You've never met A bookkeeper like us


We do all the normal bookkeeping stuff.

The boring bits.

We do soooo much more, and we do it differently,


Like proper different.

And now we're going to shout about it.

This is usually known as a megaphone but we're

using it as a metaphor.

OMG! It's a metaphone.

We've just invented the


For one, we know bookkeeping is yawn.

We don’t want to bore you with a story all about how bookkeeping works, the legal requirements that business owners need to adhere to or that... heeeeuuurgghh... 

God, sorry. That really was YAWN!

Do you want to keep more of your profits?  

Of course, you fricking do.


The point is...

we'd rather just say...

Forget about all the paperwork

and just consider it done. 






(To overly-simplify it)  We use a bunch of kickass software that allows us to digitalise your bookkeeping, and get your business

Paying You First


Ipso facto: You love it. We Love it. HMRC luurves it and, heck, you may even see your bank manager smile.

Woo Woo.

#2: we found a crazy way of working

(Hover over the

stamp for an

easier read)

#3: Our "You must be mad" services




we do custom packages to suit..

Oh and, yeah, we're totally legit too...

We get it.


We're unusual, which is odd.


Bookkeepers are meant to be boring, talk boring, wearing boring suits, have boring websites, drink tea without sugar, drive Volvo's and love the colour grey.

But, it's okay. Even though we're a little different (okay, a lot different), our walls are still adorned in certificates that prove we're awesome.

And here's some of the stuff we like...






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