• muckell

7 Reasons Hiring A Bookkeeper Is A Totally Badass Move

It's okay - this is a safe space. That means you can admit the stuff you would usually hide, maybe even puff out your chest like a pigeon that wants to get his freak on in a show of bravado. Yup. We're talking about you needing a bookkeeper but pretending like you don't. Heck - we've got clients who didn't even know what a bookkeeper did when we first woo'ed them - they just didn't want to add another expense.

But that's the point - we're not an expense. We save you from unnecessary expenses - not to mention the fact we'll also save you money through less human error and get you bills paid on time.

Just to confirm: we're not accountants. No way. Which is groovy for both of us because, while you may not need -- or want -- an accountant, having a bookkeeper is totally badass. Why? 'Cos we'll help you with oh-so-many financial tidbits. Of course, you could always become a bookkeeper yourself so that you totes understand all the different aspects of your business, but that's less realistic than Star Trek (and Spock's ears).

So, getting back to why you should hire a Bookkeeper (aka Accounts Done), here are a handful of reasons to back up our claim:

1. Keep your focus on your core business needs: your time should be devoted to strategy, marketing, funding and all those other key business areas only you can take charge of. Not fiddling about with bookkeeping.

2. Don't do what you don’t really understand: doesn't it makes sense for a professional who took courses in finance, and got certified in these areas, to handle those aspects of your business?

3. Nail your work-life balance: you could balance the books when you've finished doing your other jobs, but you’ll be doing so while missing out on that balance every person needs in their life to stay healthy, enjoy family and not burn out like a spaceship reentering the earth's atmosphere.

4. New business perspectives are awesome: you probs have a mad-good idea of your business, but having a bookkeeper on your side will give you a new look at the "big picture" through the numbers being crunched.

5. Handover the gross aspects of business: no one is getting excited about the financial side of running a business. No one. Well, except us, but that's because that's our business. We actually enjoy these tasks, which is why it makes total sense to hand over these areas to us.

6. We'll make sure everything is paid on time: running a business mans spinning plates, putting out fires and rushing about like a headless chicken in an Formula 1 race car without a steering wheel, which is why every business owner always forgets to do something along the way, and that's usually paying bills. Put an end to that with us.

7. Reduce the cost of financial obligations: you're probably doing that normal thing of thinking you'll save a big sack of money by doing everything yourself. But that's a myth. It's like the Loch Ness Monster of the bookkeeping world. The truth is: a professional bookkeeper will actually saves you loads of money. That’s because there's less room for human error, better knowledge, fewer missed payments, and stuff like tax obligation due dates and delayed accounts receivable, which are super-awesome.

Yup. Bookkeepers are awesome. And we're the most awesome of this awesome lot.